Ebooks Genius provides an easy way to download documents and files, you can either use our search, or navigate through the different sections to see the most popular files or latest additions.

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Why Ebooks Genius ?

our design rocks
our design rocks

Because our design rocks, and its easy to navigate and find what you need.

all the docs you need
All the docs you need

We have a huge database of files and documents about everything.

all languages
All the languages

Even if our primary language is english, you can find docs in any language.

intuitive search
Intuitive Search

Search what you want, if its out there you will most likely find it.

native reader
Native Reader

Use our native reader to read the files in an easier way.


Get statistics about the latest additions and most popular documents by date.

grab the documents
Grab the documents

You can grab or downlaod the documents, just remember to credit the source.

new documents
Always expanding

We are always trying to add new files to our system, contact us if you are looking for something special.